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Most .22’s k baffle shielded recore $275

Most recores using your end caps on serviceable $375-$525

Total recores with new caps $625-800

We can recore any suppressor. If not listed contact us for quote

Model: 308K-RC
.308 Kestrel HunterTown Recore. You have the choice of either cone or k-baffles. ..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: HT-RC
556/762 Huntertown Suppressor Recore (Cone baffles)..
Ex Tax:$375.00
Model: G22-HT-K-RC
Guardian .22 Huntertown Recore K-Baffle..
Ex Tax:$275.00
Model: G9-HT-RC
Guardian 9mm Huntertown Suppressor Recore..
Ex Tax:$375.00
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